What service?

Giardini in Oxford St, Leederville entice customers on their website to come and experience the warmth and comfort of their restaurant.   We may have differing opinions of what this actually means but what I experienced was neither warmth or comfort.   The restaurant is well themed throughout apart from the red bucket chairs they use throughout the restaurant which do not fit in at all.  When first arriving we were told which table number to go sit and waited for the waiter to bring the menus.  When the waitress came she dumps the menus on the table and walks off.  No menu was given to each person, no explanation of the specials, in fact no word came out of her mouth.  Not a good start but we were willing to stay and hope for improvement.

10 minutes had passed and no one had recognised the fact that no drink or food order had been taken and the restaurant wasn’t even busy.  It was decided that if no one came to the table within 15 minutes then we would get up and walk out… and that would have made this blog a whole lot more interesting.  A waiter finally came to take our order with only 30 seconds to spare and the drinks and entree came out fairly fast – we played it safe and only ordered garlic bread… Maybe things were turning around?

When our entree was cleared I asked the waiter for another beer.  Clearly this was a little too much to ask of him and perhaps I should apologise.  All I got back was you need to order from her and a point in the direction of where another waiter was.  Would it really have hurt him to perhaps go get her for us or even just go get a drink?  The main meal came out within a good time and was quite nice – I was surprised.  Again let down by the wait staff where you have to ask to have pepper and parmesan.  To me this is just standard customer service.


It is a shame really that I am not talking more about the food because I did enjoy what I ate.  It is just that the service was, well there was no service and this impacted the whole experience.

Would I go back?  Well the food was nice but I thought a little pricey for what you get. I am sure there is better Italian available which offers a much better experience.  If I did go back, lets hope they have a takeaway menu.

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afternoon delight

Sherbet Cafe and Bake Shop in Maylands has a strong reputation for delicious cupcakes and amazing coffee.  With this in mind expectations were high prior to experiencing everything that is sweet as sherbet. The cafe is very small decked out in vintage tables and chairs. There is a constant queue of people waiting to place orders, however despite this the wait time to order is minimal.  The counter is packed full of a variety of different cupcakes, slices and cakes which all look very tempting. I was going to go for the signature red velvet cupcake but instead chose the banana caramel cupcake and a coffee.


Even though the cafe was busy I managed to get a table and despite the large demand for takeaway orders the coffee and cake came out within 5 minutes. The cake itself was very nice and worth trying.  I can only assume that the other cakes and slices are of a similar standard… once you taste you do suddenly realise what all the fuss is about. I was impressed up until now and started to wonder what the bastard was actually going to blog about?  Once again, I could rely on content from the wait staff! As the waitress put the coffee down on the table she managed to spill it over the saucer and table.  We all make mistakes and really spilt coffee is no big deal,  however the waitress thought that if she ignored the fact what she had done then maybe i wouldn’t notice? No apology and no offer to clean it up. Definitely a contender for star of the month for outstanding customer service.

Besides a bit of spilt milk Sherbet Cafe and Bake shop definitely lives up to its reputation. If you feel like great coffee and an afternoon delight I strongly recommend you try this for yourself.

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Plain and simple


You should never judge a book by its cover and this proves true for Viet Hoa in William St Northbridge.  From first glance you may have second thoughts about entering with the daggy decor and food hall type set up.  You then wonder why the restaurant is so full and buzzing and decide to give it a go?

For entree we ordered fresh Pork Vietnamese Rolls that came out within 10 minutes of ordering. For two rolls they cost $7 and were big in size so offered quite good value for money.  Mains followed shortly after and at first we were pleasantly surprised.  The Satay Beef  and Sweet and Sour Fish were quite tasty.  There was a delay in the third dish to come out which was Chicken Broccoli and Ginger stir fry and I do wonder why.  This dish was very plain and lacking flavour.  2 out of 3 ain’t bad and this was certainly the case for the mains that were ordered. From what I could tell the traditional Vietnamese dishes, especially the Pho looked very popular and may have been the better choice.


Like all good Asian restaurants the service you receive is fast and friendly. The wait time for the food was minimal and I think this is what makes this place so popular.  Overall the food was nice, but I personally wouldn’t rave about it.  If you are after a moderately priced, basic restaurant, where the focus is more on the food than the experience and your in the area then give Viet Hoa a go.

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Deeply disappointing

I have been thinking about doing something like this for a while now.  Sharing my own experiences, whether they are good or bad about the Perth restaurant and cafe scene.

Unfortunately, the first place to talk about was deeply disappointing. Lawley’s Cafe looked to be a quick and easy breakfast on the way to the beach.  Offering a selection of danish, bagels and a limited breakfast menu you would assume the wait time would be minimal.  The cafe didn’t appear to be overly full, however the queue to place your order at the counter would suggest otherwise.  I ended up choosing a ham omelette and coffee and took a seat outside, due to the loud echoing noise in the cafe.  While waiting for my breakfast people would come and go with their take away orders and maybe this is the way to go.  It took 35 minutes for the coffee to come out and close to 45 minutes for the food.  Not to mention the 10 minute wait in between the two meals ordered at the same time on the same table number. If i wasn’t disappointed already, then it just got worse.  At first glance, the omelette looked more like an over cooked fried egg than anything.  On the inside the ham omelette was missing two things…ham and a whole lot of flavour.  Two bites and $20 later I was done.


I thought I would inform the staff on the crap quality of the food not to get any compensation but just out of general courtesy.  I don’t know whether the waitress was inexperienced or just plain stupid but when a customer says that their meal is bad, I mean really, really bad and it can be clearly seen that the meal has hardly been touched – its not a compliment. So don’t enthusiastically say thank you, thank you very much.  At least I now know why they get you to pay for it at the time of ordering, because if you didn’t, I don’t think you would.

Well done Lawleys Cafe on crap service and crap food.  I would usually say go and try it for yourself, but i honestly wouldn’t put you through it.

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