Deeply disappointing

I have been thinking about doing something like this for a while now.  Sharing my own experiences, whether they are good or bad about the Perth restaurant and cafe scene.

Unfortunately, the first place to talk about was deeply disappointing. Lawley’s Cafe looked to be a quick and easy breakfast on the way to the beach.  Offering a selection of danish, bagels and a limited breakfast menu you would assume the wait time would be minimal.  The cafe didn’t appear to be overly full, however the queue to place your order at the counter would suggest otherwise.  I ended up choosing a ham omelette and coffee and took a seat outside, due to the loud echoing noise in the cafe.  While waiting for my breakfast people would come and go with their take away orders and maybe this is the way to go.  It took 35 minutes for the coffee to come out and close to 45 minutes for the food.  Not to mention the 10 minute wait in between the two meals ordered at the same time on the same table number. If i wasn’t disappointed already, then it just got worse.  At first glance, the omelette looked more like an over cooked fried egg than anything.  On the inside the ham omelette was missing two things…ham and a whole lot of flavour.  Two bites and $20 later I was done.


I thought I would inform the staff on the crap quality of the food not to get any compensation but just out of general courtesy.  I don’t know whether the waitress was inexperienced or just plain stupid but when a customer says that their meal is bad, I mean really, really bad and it can be clearly seen that the meal has hardly been touched – its not a compliment. So don’t enthusiastically say thank you, thank you very much.  At least I now know why they get you to pay for it at the time of ordering, because if you didn’t, I don’t think you would.

Well done Lawleys Cafe on crap service and crap food.  I would usually say go and try it for yourself, but i honestly wouldn’t put you through it.

Lawleys Bakery Cafe on Urbanspoon


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