afternoon delight

Sherbet Cafe and Bake Shop in Maylands has a strong reputation for delicious cupcakes and amazing coffee.  With this in mind expectations were high prior to experiencing everything that is sweet as sherbet. The cafe is very small decked out in vintage tables and chairs. There is a constant queue of people waiting to place orders, however despite this the wait time to order is minimal.  The counter is packed full of a variety of different cupcakes, slices and cakes which all look very tempting. I was going to go for the signature red velvet cupcake but instead chose the banana caramel cupcake and a coffee.


Even though the cafe was busy I managed to get a table and despite the large demand for takeaway orders the coffee and cake came out within 5 minutes. The cake itself was very nice and worth trying.  I can only assume that the other cakes and slices are of a similar standard… once you taste you do suddenly realise what all the fuss is about. I was impressed up until now and started to wonder what the bastard was actually going to blog about?  Once again, I could rely on content from the wait staff! As the waitress put the coffee down on the table she managed to spill it over the saucer and table.  We all make mistakes and really spilt coffee is no big deal,  however the waitress thought that if she ignored the fact what she had done then maybe i wouldn’t notice? No apology and no offer to clean it up. Definitely a contender for star of the month for outstanding customer service.

Besides a bit of spilt milk Sherbet Cafe and Bake shop definitely lives up to its reputation. If you feel like great coffee and an afternoon delight I strongly recommend you try this for yourself.

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