What service?

Giardini in Oxford St, Leederville entice customers on their website to come and experience the warmth and comfort of their restaurant.   We may have differing opinions of what this actually means but what I experienced was neither warmth or comfort.   The restaurant is well themed throughout apart from the red bucket chairs they use throughout the restaurant which do not fit in at all.  When first arriving we were told which table number to go sit and waited for the waiter to bring the menus.  When the waitress came she dumps the menus on the table and walks off.  No menu was given to each person, no explanation of the specials, in fact no word came out of her mouth.  Not a good start but we were willing to stay and hope for improvement.

10 minutes had passed and no one had recognised the fact that no drink or food order had been taken and the restaurant wasn’t even busy.  It was decided that if no one came to the table within 15 minutes then we would get up and walk out… and that would have made this blog a whole lot more interesting.  A waiter finally came to take our order with only 30 seconds to spare and the drinks and entree came out fairly fast – we played it safe and only ordered garlic bread… Maybe things were turning around?

When our entree was cleared I asked the waiter for another beer.  Clearly this was a little too much to ask of him and perhaps I should apologise.  All I got back was you need to order from her and a point in the direction of where another waiter was.  Would it really have hurt him to perhaps go get her for us or even just go get a drink?  The main meal came out within a good time and was quite nice – I was surprised.  Again let down by the wait staff where you have to ask to have pepper and parmesan.  To me this is just standard customer service.


It is a shame really that I am not talking more about the food because I did enjoy what I ate.  It is just that the service was, well there was no service and this impacted the whole experience.

Would I go back?  Well the food was nice but I thought a little pricey for what you get. I am sure there is better Italian available which offers a much better experience.  If I did go back, lets hope they have a takeaway menu.

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